Mormon Dictionary

Mormonspeak (Mormon Dictionary)

Learning to talk like (and understand) a Mormon

Because of its history and unique beliefs and practices, Mormonism has its own vocabulary.  For someone who is not a Mormon or someone who is joining the Mormon Church, one of the unexpected difficulties is learning the new lingo.  This page will have brief explanations and definitions for all that “Mormonspeak” you will hear at Church and while just hanging around with Mormons.  It will help you feel more confident and comfortable when you can understand what a Mormon means when he says “The teachers are having mutual at the stake center with the mia maids to prepare for the fireside!”

Mormon MissionariesThis is not a complete list of every term relating to Mormonism, but rather seeks to include those essential terms and concepts that are unique to Mormonism or which have unique meanings to members of the Mormon Church.  It does not, therefore, include words like prayer or chapel since these are common among other religions.  It also does not include detailed explanations of Mormon doctrine or practice, but is intended to help converts understand the basic vocabulary necessary to understand what is going on at church.

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