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Answering Your Concerns about Mormonism

Joseph Smith MormonSince Joseph Smith first began telling others about his Vision of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, persecution and misinformation have followed Mormons.  You may have heard things from friends and family, or from ministers vilifying the Prophet Joseph Smith or claiming that the Book of Mormon is false or unnecessary.  Members of the Mormon Church know that they must live surrounded by such false information all their lives, but they have learned the truth about these matters.  Below are several questions that converts to the Mormon Church and others often have.  This list does not include everything, but does include links to other excellent websites that can give you fuller answers.


The Gospel:


Church Practices:



Good Links

  • Jeff Lindsay: Excellent site by a Mormon living in Wisconsin who has many articles and responses to common questions and concerns.
  • FAIRLDS: A resource for friendly scholarly research on Mormonism.  Very extensive and thorough, covering virtually every conceivable topic relating to Mormonism.
  • SHIELDS: A site for scholarly and historical information about Mormonism.
  • Mormon Converts:  Learn about the experiences of other converts to the Mormon Church
  • Light Planet: A resource for everything Mormon
  • FARMS: The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.  A very scholarly site devoted to studying Mormonism and Mormon scripture.
  • Mormon Central: A list of the best LDS site on the internet.
  • LDSsearch: A search engine that return good information about the Mormon Church
  • Spreading the Word: An article about Mormon Missionary work at PressDemocrat.com.
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